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The internet. At first, everyone was excited about email and the possibilities of sending communications faster than snail mail. Then came along e-business and shopping carts and it changed commercial and retail forever. Now we’re publishing content and information at a rate faster than the world has ever seen. Through a fast search on Google, an array of results come up on even the most obscure topics.

Why is there so much information online for free? What changed? Just a few decades ago, the kind of information we can get so readily now cost big bucks.

The answer is that publishing information online is a new form of advertising. Businesses get visitors to their websites when online searchers find what they are looking for. People search for what they want, and as more and more businesses and entrepreneurs realize they have the resources to give people what they want and get sales out of it, well, we find ourselves in a great rush to give the world what it wants.

Everyone benefits. The technical term for businesses is “organic search traffic.” This differs from paid search engine traffic, which is when you sign up for something like Google Adwords that appears at the top or right of the page and is colored differently so people know it’s an ad. You can generate organic search traffic when you write good blogs and content on your web site that has the terms people are searching for. It’s not free, because it takes time to write and do well, but the cost is paid up front whereas the benefit is residual.

While a lot of generic terms are flooded and almost impossible to get on the front page of Google for, there are millions of strings of terms 4 or 5 or more words long that have yet to be commandeered with good content. A common example is localized searching, that is searching within a particular region. For example, trying to get on the front page for just the term “dry cleaners” might be a challenge, but when you tag on a word at the end, or you localize it to “dry cleaners omaha” it’s much easier to boost your search engine rankings to the front page. There’s less competition for this particular key phrase.

With this in mind, just because the internet is huge, you don’t have to be overwhelmed or discouraged about getting on the front page of Google. In fact, the internet is not completely saturated with content. The possibilities are endless. In this way the internet is still very small, because people search for very specific terms. If you give them what searchers want in terms of content and follow it up with an appropriate call to action, you are setting yourself up for success.

An example of a call to action is this sentence, because now that you know why people are publishing content online, contact us so we can help you with your online marketing and build a stream of organic search traffic to your site.

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