Video Marketing Trends in 2012

Video Marketing Trends in 2012

One thing is for sure, the world of online video marketing isn’t going to end in 2012! Researchers are predicting that online advertising spending will increase from $1.97 billion to $5.71 billion by 2014.

Video marketing will be an exciting field to be in in 2012 and an even more exciting field to take advantage of to advertise your company’s products and services.

But everyone wants to know: what’s going to happen, what’s going to change? Let’s throw some ideas out there on the table based on what we know about current trends.

Attention spans are going to get shorter. This is for a couple reasons. First, every day people create more interesting content that has never been seen before on the internet, you know like funny videos about catvertising. Who wants to watch anything when it’s not the best? Second, major TV networks are starting to publish social content that is better than what average users create and follows similar style and humor. Saturday Night Live’s The Lonely Island spin-off is a great example of incredibly successful social online content created by major players in the entertainment business. But it doesn’t feel “corporate” at all and that’s the magic.

People will become more savvy. Online video was a new thing in 2007. Now people are figuring it out (like the major entertainment businesses). Quality and originality will become important because the attitude of “I’ve seen it all” will become more pervasive.

Motion design is going to be everywhere. Everywhere. And we should all be getting our ideas for it from the creative community at Vimeo.

HD will become the standard. Blu-ray has taken a long time to adopt, probably because it’s so similar to DVD in terms of appearance but takes all new equipment to play that consumers don’t see the point in paying for. Blu-ray Discs may still struggle along in 2012, but HD is definitely going to be the standard for the online viewing experience. Any serious video marketing campaign will need to be shot, edited, and published in HD. Have you been watching TV and seen the commercials with black bars on the left and right, or even on all sides? Those types of occurances are going to hurt companies in 2012 who don’t hire the right people to make sure it fills the full screen in full 1080p HD. It’s embarrassing, because remember, people are savvy.

3D will slowly gain momentum. There are a lot of people who still need to be convinced that 3D is really going to be the next big thing. We are convinced, because we believe inevitably everything will be photo-realistic holograms. .The point is that 3D is going to happen, but probably not something most companies should take seriously in 2012 except for businesses in movie production that will play in theaters.

Tablet and smart phone view growth will accelerate. People will watch videos more and more on mobile devices as internet speeds increase and tablet/smart phone sales boom! It becomes more important that videos use the right compression formats like H.264 to maximize quality and minimize or eliminate load time.

These trends are important, but the most important element for any video marketing in 2012 will still be what it has always been…the concept. Great video and communication requires a lot of details to pull off flawlessly, but the most important characteristic is and will always be to have an excellent concept that will appeal to your target market. So let’s start brainstorming for 2012!