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Have you considered using a green screen to film your corporate training videos? It may or may not be the right choice for your videos, because there are a number of considerations to make.

Do you need to appear professional?

Using a green screen, we can add motion graphics, PowerPoint slides, digital backgrounds, or even a virtual studio behind your speaker. This creates a very professional appearance because most people don’t have access to the necessary equipment and lighting to do green screen work right. It’s especially professional when lighting is planned, talent is prepared before the shoot to wear proper clothing, and the chroma key and color-correction is done right.

Do you need to demonstrate hands-on examples?

Green screen studios are not usually ideal for hands-on demonstrations. To show how to use equipment, it is usually better to be on-location with the equipment than to just talk about it in a studio.

Can your video company bring the green screen on site?

It may make a big difference if your subject matter experts (SME’s) have to go to a studio to shoot the videos or if your video company can bring the green screen and lighting on site for a day or multiple days of shooting. This depends on the nature and complexity of the green screen shoot as well as the flexibility of the company you hire.

These three factors are the main ones to consider in choosing if green screen is the way to produce your corporate training videos. Contact us for additional consultation.

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