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"What is often overlooked, however, is that there is a proper technique for using a teleprompter. It's relatively simple."

A teleprompter is a useful tool to stay on script and deliver video content. It can be used in almost any stationary setting. A teleprompter is the ideal solution when you need to talk directly into the camera which is done to address the viewer in a personal way. With recent improvements in screen technology, teleprompters have become smaller and more accessible. One example of this is an iPad teleprompter.

Here’s how an iPad teleprompter works. First, you need an iPad and to download a teleprompter app like DV Prompter. This allows you to upload your script to the app where you can adjust settings such as the speed to get the optimal delivery pace for your content. Some people stop here and just set up the iPad for reference. However, a true teleprompter setup also utilizes one-way glass¬†that actually reflects the screen of the iPad in-front of the camera lens. This way, you are looking directly at the camera instead of off to the side. It becomes less noticeable that you’re using a teleprompter. On the screen of the iPad, the app will actually flip the text backward so that when it is reflected onto the glass it is readable.

Many people complain that teleprompters are too obvious. While it can be noticeable when done poorly, it is also very hard to notice when done well. In addition, the small size of an iPad teleprompter makes it so that eye movement is less noticeable. On older, larger teleprompters there is more distance for the eye to travel across a sentence, making the reading more noticeable.

What is often overlooked, however, is that there is a proper technique for using a teleprompter. It’s relatively simple. The idea is that you use the teleprompter for reference but look past the reflection into the actual lens of the camera when you know what you are supposed to say and also break eye contact¬†occasionally (like you would in a good conversation). This can only happen when you know the script well and know what is important to tell the audience. It also helps to have practice and feel comfortable in a teleprompter situation. When used correctly, the teleprompter seamlessly keeps you on script, on-time, and is not noticeable to the audience. It can significantly decrease the time required for a video shoot and also make the editors’ job easier since you are more likely to be on script.

Overall, a teleprompter is a good way to streamline video production when you want to stay on script and talk directly to the audience.

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