"With the right creative team, you can communicate just about any message through animation."

Even if you’ve put together a marketing video for your product or service, you may not have ventured into the realm of animation quite yet. Yet, this medium is a highly useful tool for communicating in the most succinct way possible, even for complex or abstract topics which might be difficult to produce content for […]

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"We just keep improving our team organization, skills, and methods."

At Omaha Video Solutions, we do more than just create amazing videos. We specialize in a variety of different areas, including graphic design, copy writing, and motion graphics. The creation of 3D renderings and graphics, however, is becoming one of the biggest ways we can help our clients stand out amongst their competition. Our editors […]

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"Being on the road was office time for me. The night was for shows. Luckily with today's technology my job can be done anywhere as long as I have a computer and Internet."

Recently, we created a new website for an architecture client. Incorporating video and modern design, this website is one of our best pieces of work and will surely be remembered as a unique project. Sound unremarkable? For nearly the entire project, our designer was on the East Coast. Performing in a band and working on […]

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