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Plan > Produce

1. Plan

Successful startups need to generate new content on a regular basis to stay relevant on the web. We will talk about the interval at which we should produce content and what type of content to create to be most effective right now. For example, we could plan a series of video blogs, product demonstrations, instruction videos to help your customer support staff or creative ideas to post on social media. The resulting plan will be centered around your strategy and marketing needs.


  • Evaluate needs
  • Plan ideas
  • Shot lists
  • Budget

2. Produce

When you are in startup mode, you can’t let anything stand in your way. That includes delays in producing content that will be invaluable to your marketing. We film interviews, product shots and much more in our studio without factors like weather or availability that could slow down a project. From there, we can edit quickly and create animations as needed. By being lean and smart, we can make projects come together quickly and accomplish your goals. We can deliver a short cut of each final edit for Instagram and other mediums as requested.


  • Studio time
  • Interviews
  • Product shots
  • Animation
  • Full-length cut
  • Instagram cut
"Literally sold hundreds of thousands of dollars in apps"

"The videos we have made at Omaha Video Solutions have literally sold hundreds of thousands of dollars in apps for my startup. I love this team and coming into the studio to shoot content on a regular basis."

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