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One great way to promote your small business on the web is through video testimonials. This can either be a static video on your home page or a dynamic series of testimonials posted on your blog and other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The advantage to the former is it is inexpensive to have a few testimonials on your website that never change, but the advantage to the latter is that when you post regular and recent testimonials, you are giving your customers higher assurance that your services are top notch and the testimonials aren’t just the “few best” examples of your work.

For business, it always comes down to cost versus benefit, but it’s certain that web video testimonials are a powerful way to give you a competitive advantage in your industry. When potential clients come across your website and watch your past and current clients rave about you, they will develop an immediate trust in you, which otherwise is a difficult task to achieve on the web.

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