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A short promo video on the front page of your small business website can work wonders to increase the effectiveness of your web marketing and simultaneously cover a multitude of problems with your website. If your content isn’t as interesting as you’d like, if your graphic design doesn’t win awards, if you don’t have the blogging and social media world figured out yet, your customers will still notice the video and still come away with a positive view of your company. Essentially, video stands out on your website, or any website. It catches people’s attention and can deliver your most important messages without risking that a visitor will become impatient with wordy content.

A good promo video should describe the nature of your business, cover all your important selling points, and end with a strong call to action. Often, depending on your business, something as short as 30 seconds with narration, interesting images, and music can be very effective and put together at a relatively low cost. For larger businesses, it may be important to have high production value put into this video, especially if you emphasize quality or service in your selling points.

Omaha Video Solutions offers simple web promo video packages for businesses. We can work in either direction with your business, either simply giving you something to show or creating a more involved, high-production value company video.

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