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We all know that most people are very busy and preoccupied with their time these days. They give their attention to something only if they feel there is a good reason to. They look for ways to filter out the good from the bad. Often real estate agents meet this need by showing pictures, but sometimes it is hard to get a full understanding of a home from the disconnected spaces and settings that pictures show.

Images of real estate properties are becoming less effective as video becomes increasingly the norm. However, often real estate agents or brokerages don’t have the resources or know-how to do video themselves, and they may be wary of hiring someone else to do it. You will still be on the forefront and gain a competitive advantage if you start doing video tours of properties now, and you may be surprised at the affordability and results.

A video can show how a living space fits together, it can even describe added benefits that might not be apparent from the images, and it requires less clicks and effort than browsing an album of pictures. Plus, music in the background of the video adds to the enjoyment of the experience and defines a feel for the house, apartment, or condominium. If you decide to be part of the video tour, you can even begin to build a relationship of trust with your client before they meet you.

What better way to increase property viewings and ultimately sales than to qualify and excite your clients through video tours? Ask us about how we can combine this with powerful new media tools like Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail marketing for your business. In fact, you will hardly have to lift a finger as we take your business to the next level and increase your sales for you.

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