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Ultimately, we are storytellers and artists. We’re always pushing ourselves to our creative potential, and we found our stride with MTRL DSGN right away. We wanted to create the type of project together that was driven by visual storytelling, and skip the traditional talking-head corporate look altogether. We worked with MTRL on the story and creative direction, and we put together an exceptional team to execute the shoot and post-production.

Written, directed, and produced by Omaha Video Solutions.

Writer: Michael Hennings & MTRL Design
Director: Michael Hennings
Cinematographer: Austin Taylor
First AC: John Baumert
Editor: Christian Turbes
Sound Design: Aaron Gloyne
Color Grading: Austin Taylor & John Baumert

Production equipment provided by Omaha Video Solutions, Austin Taylor, and Geoff Johnson Photography. Thank you to everyone who collaborated on this project!

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