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In the olden days, tests were taken with paper and pencil. Then came machine-readable papers (Scantron) which revolutionized multiple choice test-tasking. But now we have reached a new era where tests can be taken online and feedback and reports can be generated instantly. Even more, the educational content itself can all be recorded and put online, automating the entire educational process.

The implications this has for colleges, universities, and public schools has yet to be seen in full. It’s not being taken as seriously as its full potential demands – the feeling that a live person needs to be instructing a class tends to supersede ideas of incredible change and modern efficiency. But the corporate world is ahead of the public sector and online training videos are a new project many corporations are undertaking or have already undertaken to cut variable costs and track employee skills and learning.

The training videos are hosted on a website called a learning management system (LMS), sometimes called an e-learning campus or online learning campus. Typically functionality for an LMS includes:
-Organized video modules by course
-Quizzes and video completion tracking
-Report functionality for management

There are a variety of ways to design the videos depending on the content and material to cover. Omaha Video Solutions specializes in custom solutions and helping corporations understand which style of video would best educate employees. OVS has the capability to set up both a custom LMS and also produce the videos.

Common topics for videos include:
-Safety training or OSHA compliance
-Sales training
-Software or systems training videos using screen capture and voice over
-Equipment and controls training

The videos can also be a powerful way to create a first impression with an employee as well as set a tone for your corporate culture. With all the direct and indirect benefits, it’s important to get it done right from the start and work with a company that has a savvy for the issues that corporations need to address. Contact us today to get started.

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