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"We were able to seamlessly tell the story for NanaWall's prospective clients."


They say seeing is believing. In this case, it’s true. California-based NanaWall’s state-of-the-art bi-fold glass custom doors are a really remarkable product. Highly functional and beautiful, these elegant fixtures have applications in commercial businesses or private residences alike. One Omaha company took this to heart in a pragmatic solution to moving cars in and out of their showroom: Lexus of Omaha.

Now, you might ask, “Why not just use garage doors?” The difference is mystique. NanaWall’s brand is high-quality presentation, and their video marketing needs to match. When customers walk in, they are amazed by all these cars sitting in the showroom, and no sign of an entry. It goes from looking like an industrial “garage” space to a real high-rise office tech look.

We sat down with Lexus of Omaha General Manager Rob Mueting to hear his story of how NanaWall became the right solution for his dealership. Through professional video production techniques such as interview setup, cinema slides, and DJI Ronin gliding beauty shots of the functionality of these walls, we were able to seamlessly tell the story for NanaWall’s prospective clients.

Directing our talent to showcase the product's functionality

NanaWall action shot

For the interview, we used a standard two-camera setup, with one camera stationary and one camera on a sliding dolly. We wanted a clean, modern look that would reflect the look of NanaWall’s glass, and we thought that the dolly shot would match nicely with the DJI Ronin footage. We had to work around a tight schedule, so before and after the interview, we executed b-roll footage, AKA “beauty shots” from the shot list we cooperatively put together with our clients. One of Rob’s team members was kind enough to model and operate the doors for us. Representatives from NanaWall reviewed the footage and made sure all their needs were being met.

The last big question of the day was answered with much anticipation when the driver of Lexus’s esteemed concept car showed up to pull it on and off the platform. We were able to show how the curved doors Lexus installed by their platform really work (and disguise the entrance).

A little sex appeal never hurt a product promo

Don’t scratch the paint. Seriously, don’t.


Working with NanaWall was exciting and challenging, as most of the planning happened remotely between Omaha and their office in California. We love shooting in Omaha and around the country alike, so if you’re curious to set up your own product demo video shoot, don’t hesitate to view our portfolio or contact us for more information. Oh, and happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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