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"A great actor can potentially make or break a commercial’s success."

We all have those favorite commercials. From the 1990s Snapple commercial with the hamsters in hats, to the Heisenberg commercial from the 2015 Super Bowl, these commercials all resonate with viewers, and make the brands they represent memorable.

Behind every great commercial is a hard working production team. This team works together to write the script, put together the storyboard, and secure the location, amongst many other details.

One of the most important aspects of a marketing commercial is the talent you recruit. A great actor can potentially make or break a commercial’s success. Here are some tips for recruiting awesome talent:

Put together a great script: Video production companies rely on strong portfolios to continue to build on their success. A good script is not only important to creating a great video, but also to finding good actors. Actors will want to read for parts that they can also use in their own portfolios. Think through your concept with your creative team, and take your time developing the dialogue.

Put out a call on some attractive letterhead: Don’t just put out a call on a Facebook status. Put a little effort into it and slap some details on attractive letterhead. Not only will it help attract the eye of actors, it will make your company seem even more professional.

Hold auditions: If you have a strongly written script, and an awesome call for actors, you will probably get a large response. Hold auditions at your studio to figure out which actor will represent your video best. Invite the core members of your production team to sit in as well, so they can all give their input.

Pay your actors: As a video production company, we spend a decent amount of time explaining the value of videography investments to clients. The same goes for actors. Many local actors are hard-working professionals who deserve to be compensated for their time. Many times, commercial shoots can go late into the evening, or last for a few days. Paying your actors not only validates their art, it also represents your company well.

With a little pre-production and attention to detail, your video projects can outshine all expectations. By putting together a great script and treating your actors well, you can begin to build an actor base for future work. And who knows? Maybe your company will create the next big commercial that will be shared for years.

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