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"When I am done with school, I would love to have a full time job as a video editor. I now have the next best thing, to go to school and work part time in the industry."

Meet Matt Williams.

Matt is our newest videographer. So far what we know about him is that he has great socks, a contagious laugh, and an eye for editing. I managed to corner him away from his computer long enough to chat a bit about education, East of Eden, and eggs.

What made you want to work in videography?
I grew up with a love for story telling, specifically through movies and television shows. After taking a Film History & Appreciation class, I got to see the techniques and work that goes in to making stories that I love.

What are you studying? What do you hope to achieve in the next few years?
Currently I am getting my associates in Video and Audio Communications at Metro Community College. After college I would like to work full time for a local video production company (hint hint). I hope to finish school in the next two years and I’d like to make a short film in the near future when I have some free time to do so. Until then I’d really like to become more efficient with editing and filming. There’s still a lot I have to learn!

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Omaha. I’ve only moved twice in my whole life. Still in the same county, nothing too exciting. I grew up in Tomahawk Blvd right next to a park where I spent most days outside playing basketball, riding my bike, climbing trees, and swinging. My parents families are all spread out collectively through California, Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa. I didn’t have cable as a kid, so I got into re-watching old movies (mostly musicals, anything by Rogers and Hammerstein) that my grandma recorded on VHS. I grew up on classics like Singing in the Rain, Oklahoma, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, State Fair, etc..

Favorites! Book, movie and meal.
One of my favorite movies to watch over and over again is Almost Famous. I can still remember watching it for the first time back in high school. It was playing on AMC and I empathized with William Miller. Granted, I’m still waiting to spontaneously burst into “Tiny Dancer” with a bus full of musicians and groupies. My favorite book would be John Steinbeck’s East of Eden, with it’s themes of depravity, the struggle for acceptance, love, guilt, and freedom. It doesn’t hurt that Steinbeck is amazing and writing vivid and personable characters. Favorite meal? Anything that includes a fried egg on it.

Why Omaha Video Solutions? What made you want to work with us?
I chose National Media Brands because of Mark Hennings’ vision and innovation for this business. He sees the possibly of new technology and new ideas and he doesn’t shy away from it. This is his brainchild that he loves and it’s great to see how he is growing the business. When I am done with school, I would love to have a full time job as a video editor. I now have the next best thing, to go to school and work part time in the industry. I’m thrilled at the opportunity I have!

Welcome to the team Matt!

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