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"We just keep improving our team organization, skills, and methods."

At Omaha Video Solutions, we do more than just create amazing videos. We specialize in a variety of different areas, including graphic design, copy writing, and motion graphics. The creation of 3D renderings and graphics, however, is becoming one of the biggest ways we can help our clients stand out amongst their competition. Our editors not only have the skillsets to develop these elements, but also the drive to keep learning about the new ways technology is opening doors in the videography world.

“We’re working on some very exciting 3D renderings right now that combine 3D product models with motion graphics for a new product launch,” said CEO Mark Hennings. “We can actually take an original AutoCAD file from the manufacturing process, add materials and textures to it, put it in a virtual lighting environment and manipulate it to show the features and benefits in incredible, more-beautiful-than-life ways.”

It’s all about the details with the newest lines of products in videography. “One of the biggest trends right now, especially more with consumer-level cameras, is resolution,” said videographer John Baumert. “A big selling point of digital cameras have long been the number of megapixels. I see that trend coming to an end in the video production / cinema industry. I think in our realm, the dynamic range of the camera will become the biggest feature people look at when buying a new camera body. We want to be able to capture the most detail possible in an image.”

So how can these trends work for our clients? “I see OVS leveraging these new technologies in future projects, and also as we continue to develop our own internal style,” said John. “We will continue to hone our skills and learn about the newest technologies being made available. We will also look and see which technology will help best tell the story visually.”

As 2015 just begins, OVS is already fine-tuning our skills to make sure we can offer an entire range of options to our clients. “We just keep improving our team organization, skills, and methods,” said lead videographer Mike Hennings. “I can’t wait to see what 2015 will bring.”

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