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Lars Hedenborg is an expert real estate advisor with an extremely successful practice out of Charlotte, North Carolina. He came to Vyral Marketing who partnered with us to produce a pre-listing video that Lars and his team would show to home sellers before listing their home.

We developed a completely unique style to accomplish three things for the video:

-Add an emphasis on key points
-Fast transitions that grab and keep attention on the video
-Easy to shoot, so a separate firm could shoot the videos and give us the footage

Our style uses a profile shot of Lars speaking. We slide him out to the left at key points and bring in basic motion text or symbols. Then he slides back in from the right side and the motion graphics slide out to the left. It’s pretty seamless and feels natural to watch.

In addition to being an effective way to combine the visually appealing motion graphics and the credibility that a talking head adds to the video, we did all the post-production for the 15 minute video in a very short and financially feasible period of time. Normally a video 15 minutes long would be an extremely complicated and time-consuming production, but as part of our commitment to streamlined video production, this style fit perfectly.

It was great working with the real estate experts at Vyral Marketing on the early stages of this project. They prepared the script and shot the video in their studio with some consultation from us on the audio and sent the footage. We thought this was a very effective script they prepared with Lars and would recommend them to any real estate agent looking for an industry-specific marketing coach

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