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Kids Kount Publishing approached us to help them with their YouTube and social media. We provided social media consultation, a promotional video, animated video intros/outros, and coached them to shoot videos on their own with high quality audio and 720p HD video. In a matter of a couple hours we taught KKP basic skills such as lighting, using a lavaliere mic, and composition. This was the most cost-efficient choice for their organization.

We edited the videos they shot and added the short intros and videos for a consistent brand and professionalism, in addition to a short animated promo video to showcase the series.. During the process we optimized video descriptions and tags on YouTube, and their account has increased from 1,500 views to over 7,000 views in a period of 8 months. The new videos are continually bringing in new views and will be there as digital assets for KKP for years to come.

Along with the successful series of videos for YouTube, we also worked with KKP to develop regular live webinars via Ustream and to integrate the community with their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The webinars themselves received 727 live views and additional views for short clips from each webinar on Youtube.
We continue to work with Kids Kount Publishing in accomplishing their goals and hope to have many more success stories to come out of our partnership this year and after.

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