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Video blogging is an awesome tool that can allow you to:

•Educate and inspire your customers
•Increase credibility and establish yourself as an expert
•Syndicate ideas internally in your organization
•Reach across mobile devices and expand your online presence

But where do you start? Here are some tips.

Build it into your marketing strategy

Your video blog needs a plan for how it will make a difference in your business. For example, you might post each video blog along with an article, send them out in your e-mail newsletter, set up a a dedicated page on your website for a library of videos to be hosted, or utilize YouTube advertising to make sure you reach an audience. If you don’t have an email newsletter or blog to embed the video blogs on, you should re-evaluate those areas before starting to video blog.

Use a lavaliere microphone to capture high quality audio.

A surprising fact is that audio is far more important than video in retaining a viewer for the entire video. Even if your video looks great, if the sound is fuzzy and hard to hear then viewers will tune you out and turn you off. Beyond capturing audio from a lavaliere mic, you should also turn off any ambient noise such as an air conditioner and stay away from loud computers, refrigerators or other appliances to further improve listenability.

Also, audio is important because YouTube will automatically transcribe your video and use that to index it for search results. That means that what you talk about makes a difference in its search engine optimization.

Find a consistent area you can set up each time

The ideal scenario is to have a dedicated 10×10 foot area for your video blogging studio. However, this may not be a realistic use of space. At the minimum, find a nice backdrop to use regularly so that you don’t have to worry about where you will set up when you are ready to film a video blog. This could be as simple as a plain color wall.

Use a tripod and don’t run it all yourself

Video blogs appear very amateur when you simply hold a camera and talk into it. This does not do any good for your brand. Set up a steady shot on a tripod and have someone film who has a good eye for composition or photography.

Make it a habit and commit

If you don’t record fairly often, you won’t see a tangible result from video blogging. The more you blog, the bigger the results. It adds up over time and as you build an audience where people expect to see blogs from you each day, week, or month. Pick a timeframe and stick to it.

Know your partners

Who is going to shoot and edit the videos? Is it your marketing department? Is it your buddy? What about Tom from accounting? Technical issues can kill video blogs fast. If you’re not in the video production business, you really shouldn’t have to waste your time dealing with that stuff. If you don’t have a reliable partner, hire us.

Consider using a prop

Why stand and talk about something if it’s just something you could write about? Make the best use of the video medium by bringing in props, such as a whiteboard, a product, or even a person for a demonstration. Keep it interesting and be visual. This can also take some of the pressure off of staring into the camera since you have something tangible to keep your mind focused.

Here are a few examples of video blogs that we have done in our studio:

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