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Have you heard of HDR photography? If not, you’ve probably seen it. HDR is becoming very popular, especially for real estate and landscape photos.

HDR stands for “high dynamic range.” While some people might insist that HDR photography doesn’t look realistic and should be avoided, actually the opposite is true. It’s more realistic than a regular photo. Cameras and lenses of today are unable to capture the full range of brightness that the human eye can see. Often, with a regular photograph, you have parts that are overexposed and blown out (white), with other parts are too dark and unable to see. This is especially true when the sun is out casting shadows.

The key to a beautiful photo is to be able to capture both the detail of the highlights and the detail of the dark tones in one photo. That’s what HDR photography allows. Three photographs are actually taken in sequence, each at different exposures and then combined in post. Details can also be enhanced and a number of parameters for the photo can be adjusted to create a very cool effect.

Omaha Video Solutions offers HDR photography as well as HDR timelapses, which are a series of HDR photographs in sequence. They can be very powerful tools to grab peoples’ attention and capture their imagination. View our services page for HDR for immediate, up-to-date pricing information.

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