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There is something we have been dying to tell you guys.

We’ve moved to a literal paradise right smack in the middle of the Mastercraft. It’s just down the hall from our old space but it feels a world apart.

2800 square feet. An in-house studio with green screen set up. A conference area. A kitchen! A full sized fridge!

It’s all happening at once. The new office, our new website and logo, a fresh set of videos in the portfolio and a 2014 video reel to blow your socks off. You might say Omaha Video Solutions is all grown up.

Four years ago, owner Mark and lead videographer Mike were editing videos out of an apartment den. Today, we couldn’t be more proud to unveil the achievement our entire team has worked night and day to bring to life. This new space is more than just a place to work; it is a symbol of the evolution of the company, and the discipline, drive, and overall brilliance of our team. We’ve always had the expertise to be the best video company in the Midwest. Now we have the address to prove it.


The unfinished space from the stack of drywall in the corner

We collaborated with Pen Architects to design the space, and worked with the owner of the Mastercraft to make our vision of the office and studio come to life. Carpet and polished concrete floors combine to create a space that is both cozy and contemporary, and dark wood tables bring a sense of warmth. Over the course of nine months, we helped flesh out every detail of the space: the heavy garage door on the back end of the studio, the series of glass walls that hang from steel beams touched with rust. Our style as videographers calls to a blend of classic and modern, which is reflected perfectly in our new space.

The best part is the full size studio with blackout blinds and sound proof walls. We can create commercial videos in the privacy of our own studio using the best equipment, accessible at the drop of a hat. Clients won’t need to worry about their videos being shot in different locations, everything is done under one roof.

Of course the unveiling wouldn’t be complete without the vision and enthusiasm of our clients. Cheers to all of you! Come visit us for a meeting at our new space. We’ll be thrilled to give you the tour.

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