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Project Exploration > Pre-production > Production > Post-production

1. Project Exploration

During the project exploration phase, we work together with you to find a creative idea that matches the goal of your project. We spec it out and quote it with a comprehensive proposal and budget for the entire process.

  • Conceptualize
  • Plan creative
  • Project scope
  • Budget

2. Pre-production

Next, we make shot lists, write the script, line up vendors such as makeup artists, hair stylists, set designers, and wardrobe professionals. We rent any special equipment and hold auditions as needed to find the right talent to bring the creative idea to life. Along the way we check back with you on key decisions to make sure the project stays on target. Our producer ensures everything is ready for the big day when we start to shoot.

  • Shot lists
  • Script
  • Talent
  • Vendors
  • Schedules

3. Production

A video shoot might occur in one day or over several, often moving to multiple locations. We bring out the right team fitted for your project that may include a producer, director, cinematographer, lighting and sound technicians, vendors for hair and makeup, set design and wardrobe, and the talent of course. We bring just the crew members who are necessary for each project to stay lean and efficient on set.

  • Create sets
  • Lighting
  • Capture footage
  • Create backups

4. Post-production

After the video shoot, we ingest the footage onto our local servers and back it up in cloud storage for redundancy and to protect all the work that has been put in up until this point. We combine all the elements of audio, video and animation as needed to create a compelling final piece.

  • Review footage
  • Edit drafts
  • Master audio
  • Color grade
  • Add titles
  • Animation
  • Revisions

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