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Before you start making videos for your blog or other social media outlets, make sure to think about your target market and what they would probably be interested in. For instance, on our blog we center all posts around the idea of “video for business.” If we focused on just “video,” we would be wasting our time because our target market isn’t interested in our thoughts on the latest movies. If we focused on just “business,” we would also be wasting our time because people don’t come to Omaha Video Solutions for our thoughts on the economy. Once you have the right level of scope for topics decided, consider these formats for social media videos:

1) Interviews. Each week, interview your a past client or customer, a staff member, or an expert in a field your web visitors are interested in.

2) Latest work video blog. Have a videographer tape your latest projects so that potential clients can see what you do and what it’s like to work with you. Include brief clips of you on site explaining what you are doing to narrate the video.

3) Service or product highlight. Pick one of your services or products each week to review or explain. Eventually, you’ll have a whole library of videos useful to your web visitors.

4) Powerpoint presentations. That’s right, it can be as easy as creating a powerpoint presentation, something you may already be very familiar with. Just make a presentation on a new topic each week and use it as a video with audio overlay that your web visitors can watch.

Hopefully this will give you a starting point for adding value through video in your social media program. Of course, always feel free to contact Omaha Video Solutions for further consulting on the topic or to have us create your social media videos for you.

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