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Many large companies have videographers at all their events. Why? You never know when you will need to have footage in the future. There are numerous projects that could come up, and you either have been capturing b-roll or you haven’t.

B-roll is just a fancy word for what videographers use to demonstrate what someone is saying. For instance, if you have an interview or narration, you need images on the screen that complement what is being communicated. That’s b-roll. You could call the interview or narration a-roll, but it’s not as common.

Even midsize companies may find it useful to consider what important things are happening and which ones they might need to reference in a video months or years down the line. For instance, if your company hosts great employee Christmas parties and next year you are considering having an orientation video produced to tell new employees about the company, you should start getting b-roll now. Another example might be a construction company that wants to produce a promotional video – since construction can take a significant amount of time, you may want to get a wide variety of construction projects on video now, before its time to have the video made.

Omaha Video Solutions wants to develop an ongoing video relationship with your business. We can attend the events, be there for all the important moments, the big projects, and then when you are ready to take that footage and compile it into a project, we’ll plan and edit it for you to accomplish your goals as an organization.

The best and more efficient way to capture b-roll is to have Omaha Video Solutions combine our b-roll capturing efforts with our social media packages. We capture video and make regular video posts on your social media outlets (your blog, Twitter, or Facebook). Using the construction company as an example again, we could post short progress updates of the buildings being constructed. It would raise awareness to your business, and then when the time is right for a promotional video or bigger project, you would already have all the necessary b-roll.

Consider how your business could use b-roll in the future, or now through social media .

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