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A good video can make a big impression on web visitors who are trying to decide whether to trust your services, especially when it comes to something as valuable as their children. With this in mind, Children’s Respite Care Center (CRCC) came to us with the idea of updating their previous homepage identity video to a more modern style, and capturing stories from parents to build trust with potential clients visiting their website.

CRCC’s vision is unique. They provide care, education, and therapy for children with special needs all under one roof. Not only do they provide a service, but create a fun and engaging environment for these children. Kids who come to CRCC often can’t wait to arrive in the morning and are bummed to go home at the end of the day.

Our goals were three-fold: (1) To hear from parents whose lives and the lives of whose children had been changed through CRCC, (2) to hear from CRCC staff to educate potential clients on the value CRCC brings to their lives, and (3) to show actual footage of children in their environment at CRCC to make it real for clients who were watching and evaluating.

First, we put together a series of 2-camera interviews to chisel out the story. Once we had a solid cut, we set aside time to get b-roll footage of the facilities and the kids. One of the biggest challenges of a shoot like this is actually getting waivers from all the appropriate parties. Based on HIPPA, there are stringent legal requirements in place to keep health organizations accountable when using footage of their clients.

We loved working with CRCC, and we’re proud to develop video marketing content for an organization that brings so much joy to children’s lives.


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