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Over the next five years, video companies are going to lead the charge in helping companies manage their social media outlets. This is for a few reasons.

Consider this, a good video begins with a great script and relevant content, and social media is all about creating relevant content. So a full-service video company is already qualified to select topics and write. It’s not a big leap to  start creating blog entries and Facebook and Twitter updates that hit home for your audience.

Video companies also spend every day selecting imagery that fits a script or narration. Clips are lined up to audio to create a cohesive message for videos. Therefore, video companies can select images and videos that fit in with your social media plan. It’s what we do every day. It’s what social media is all about.

However, video companies as they exist today may not be able to assist with the web design aspect of your social media program. But at Omaha Video Solutions, we know the design and usability of a blog is just as important as good content, so we’ve made this part of our business plan. We have the resources to modify your website, install a blog, add social media applications, and other necessary elements of good social media connectivity. Our website and blog customization were created in-house, for example.

Make sure to contact us for a free marketing consultation to learn more about how we can manage your social media and video production, adding value to your business.

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