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It is important to balance your social media posts between various types of media. For example, if you only post videos, you will be neglecting the aspect of search engine optimization. The same is true of posting only pictures. However, posting plain text content without visuals can limit the time visitors spend on your page and how many pages they visit, therefore decreasing the probability they will follow your call to action.

Here are three tips to creating a balanced social media program:

  1. Post transcripts with your videos to be search engine friendly, build your keywords, and ultimately attract more organic search traffic.
  2. Decide on a proportion of content types to post. For example, it could be four blog entries per month, two pictures per month,  six one-line “status” updates per month, and one video per month.
  3. Use at least two forms of social media. Instead of only having a Facebook page, add a blog to your website. Or if you have a blog but no Twitter or Facebook, add one of those. If you have two forms, try adding a third to the mix.

Most of all, just keep in mind the importance of new, interesting content. In the end, social media isn’t about following rules, it’s about thinking outside of the box and giving people a reason to visit your website.

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