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1. Conceptualize

Animations are great for storytelling and teaching ideas. The first step to make a great animated story is to brainstorm a creative concept that accomplishes your goal. We will pitch you creative ideas for the theme and voice of the piece and tie it into your target demographic and goals. We will deliver a budget the covers all that goes into the video and deliver a proposal for you to approve and set your animation project in motion.

  • Concepts
  • Budget
  • Scope
  • Proposal

2. Design

Next, we set to work on drafting a storyboard that shows every scene in the video with the script and explanations of what will happen. The key is to make sure everything flows in a logical order. After storyboard and script approval, our designer starts creating each individual asset that will be used in the scene and we’ll send the script to a voice actor to read and deliver a digital file of the recording.

  • Script
  • Storyboard
  • Transitions
  • Voiceover
  • Graphic design

3. Animate

Finally, the animator brings all the storyboards and digital assets to life by adding intricate motion, color and sound. Graphics become real characters and objects and interact seamlessly with perfect timing to the audio. Scenes transition smoothly from one to another. In the end, you will have a powerful idea represented in an immersive audio-visual medium that makes sense to your viewers in a way that could never be done in any other form.

  • Motion
  • Timing
  • Sound effects
  • Visual effects
"An engaging, entertaining and highly-effective video series"

"Omaha Video Solutions transformed a complicated topic into an engaging, entertaining and highly-effective video series to educate travelers on the value of travel insurance. OVS consistently offered ideas and solutions keep our message clear without forfeiting educational value. Our videos are getting great reviews!"

Christine Buggy
Travelex Insurance Services

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