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While doing some audio testing we recently paired up our AKG CK93 Hypercardioid against our Rode NTG-2 to see what it would sound like in our studio. The results were quite conclusive.

The Rode NTG-2, while a decent workhorse (have not compared to NTG-3, but I’ve heard that one is superior), picked up quite a bit more room noise on the back end, VS the CK93, which has a very small pickup pattern from the rear, but a little wider berth in front of the mic itself.

If you’re considering buying one or the other, be mindful, the CK93 does cost a couple hundred dollars more than the Rode, but it is worth the initial investment.

Another nice thing about the CK-93, it’s much smaller, and it’s more compact. It’s also modular, so if you wanted to invest in a better capsule, you could.

The hypercardioid clearly functions better for indoor settings. For more information on microphone pickup patterns, visit here:

*All audio is raw aside from a +12 boost in levels.

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