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This video had a budget of $25. I bought black sheets at Walmart, cleared out the dining room in my apartment, and had two guys I’d never met before show up to play a song I’d never heard before. But I was blown away by Chris Downing and Bob Brazeal as they performed “Carved in Black.” The music is full of emotion and the rhythm is downright chilling. You can just tell it is full of meaning.

It’s great to make videos sometimes with high-production value and large budgets, but I love the challenge of working on a tiny budget and making what we have look 20 times cooler than it really is. We color-corrected the video, toned down the color saturation and darkened everything to make it complement the tone of the music. The audio was recorded on one boom microphone; we just equalized it, mastered it, and added some reverb to smooth things over.

Danny Canick, the latest addition to our team, operated the cameras and edited this video. It was actually a training exercise to familiarize him with the DSLR cameras, and he did a great job.

We’re looking forward to working more with A Gift for Fiction and other local Omaha artists. We went ahead and purchased the domain name to develop in expectation that we’ll be working more with local bands and musicians in the coming months and years. The website will be a way for Omaha artists to connect and for us to promote their work. Go ahead and contact us if you have an idea for a music video or want us to check out your music, we’d love to sit down and talk with you.

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